Cydia for iPad – How to Download and Install on iPad

Win iPhone XS MAX></a><p><span style=Cydia is the secondary App store from where you can download the third-party custom apps. Cydia for iPad is the app by using which you can download which are not easily available, by using this app user can manage every custom Apps for your iPad. The Creative mind behind this amazing app is of Mr. Jay Freeman, but he is more famous with SAURIK name. The man behind the success of Jailbreak community is Saurik.  In simple words, Cydia is the App Store for all jailbreak apps. You can download any third party app to your iPad using this App. We can say that Cydia is the alternative for Apple App store if you want to say so.

Is Cydia for iPad is safe and legal to use??

Many users have this kind of questions; they have doubt that by using this app lead to problems with their iPad. So, let me tell you – Cydia is safe nowadays. Yeah, the problem were there when in the beginning this app is launched, but as times change now, it is safe to download this App on your iPad.

One thing to do remember is that Apple didn’t allow this App as the legal app for IOS devices. If you perform Jailbreak on your device, after that you send your devices to Apple service center for any repairing purpose, Apple will reserve that right to cancel your warranty. So you can say that when your device is under warranty period then don’t go for jailbreak.

You should also know that whether Cydia is compatible with your device or not.

It is Compatible with the following version of

IOS Versions: 10.1, 10.2, 10.0.1, 10.0.2, iOS9, iOS8, iOS7.

How to download and install CYDIA on IPad

So here in this section, we are providing all the information you need to know about- how to download and install this excellent app on your IPAD. If you are worried about the jailbreaking and not- jailbreaking then don’t worry we have provided you bothy the methods or you, you can choose any methods which you want to use.

The installation process for Cydia for iPad  with jailbreaking:

Step 1. At first, you need to prepare your device for jailbreaking, for that you need to disable passcode on your IOS device, you also need to disable “find my iPhone,” and at last, you need to update iTunes with the available latest version.

Step 2. Now you need to connect your device with PC using a USB cable and take the back-up of your sensitive data, also keep your phone on Airplane mode.

Step 3. Now we start the jailbreaking of your device for that visit the given link, from your browser.

Step 4. Now first download the Yalu10.2 Beta 7, by clicking on this link “Download Yalu jailbreak IPA -10.2”, after downloading this go for downloading the Cydia Impactor, by clicking on “Download Cydia Impactor,” link.

Step 5. Now you will get a zip folder, to open this folder you need to double click on the folder, now double click on the Impactor application.

Step 6. A file with logo of iTunes is there, will appear on your desktop of your device

Step 7. A pop-up window will come on your screen and ask for your Apple id, and password, fill all the information which it will ask for and click on the Ok button at last.

Step 8. Now you have to open the Yalu on your IOS device, to open it tap on go button.

Step 9. Wait for some time your device will finish the restarting.

After restarting your device, you will see an app with brown color icon named Cydia on the home screen of your device

Congrats you have successfully installed the Cydia app on your iPad.

Cydia without jailbreaking for your iPad

Before installing the Cydia app on your device without jailbreaking, you need a third party app so that it can help you in downloading the Cydia app. Here we are using the Flekstore app you can use any other app if you don’t want to use this app, I found this app right, but if you are not comfortable with this app, then you can use any other app of your choice and as per your comfort level. One point you should keep in your mind that before doing anything read all the steps carefully, and when you understands the full procedure complete the after proceeding to perform the task.

Step 1. Download the “Flekstore App,” or any other app of your choice.

Step 2. After installing the Flekstore app on your device, open it.

Step 3. Open the Menu of App, which is present at the top left corner of your screen.

Step 4. You will see many options there, Select “TWEAKS” option from the list of choices.

Cydia Tweaks

Step 5. Here search for Cydia App, from the long list of app.

Cydia for IPAD

Step 6. Click on the Cydia icon, to install the app on your device.

Step 7. After clicking on the icon of Cydia you will be automatically sent to the official web page of Cydia app, but before installing the Cydia for iPad check for the developer of an app, if it shows that it is originally developed by “Saurik,” then only install that app on your system.

Install Cydia for Ipad

Step 8. After you reach the installation page of Cydia for iPad; now you need to perform a verification check. This verification check will help you to know if this app is verified for your device or not. Install this app only when the verification process says that it is verified for your device.

Installing Cydia

Step 9. A pop-up warning Window will come up on screen with A message like “this profile will change the settings of your device,” what you need to do is just click on install that’s it, simply ignore all this kind of message and install the app on your device.

Step 10. Wait for some time, let the installation process get completed, you can see the progress of installation process on the Home screen of your device

Step 11. Once the installation process get completed, click on the icon of Cydia app

Step 12. It will ask you to sign up with your account or create your account, fill all the details which you are asked for, now you are signed in!

Congrats now you have successfully installed the Cydia for iPad, now enjoy the services of this amazing app. 🙂 Hope this article works for you and you can now easily download the Cydia app on your iPad. Ask us, if you have any query!


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