Cydia Impactor Download and How to Use It?

Win iPhone XS MAX></a><p>If you are aware of jailbreaking, then you must be aware of Cydia and its applications. Also, Cydia Impactor would not be a new name to you. If you are an iOS user, then you might have some time in your life wished to download and install apps that were not available in the App store. When your Android user friends play new games on their phone, you might have tried to install it from the different source. But it is not safe and suitable. And in such case, Cydia has come to the rescue of all the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. Cydia is making a mark among the application freaks all over the world. After the popularity of its tool Cydia Impactor, it has come up with another new and exciting tool called Cydia Extender.</p>

<h2><b>What is Cydia Impactor?     </b></h2>
<p><span style=The Impactor is a vital and utility app that was used to delete the jailbreak and in turn, remove Cydia. It is nowadays called as Cydia Eraser, as renamed by SaurikIT. Though Cydia Eraser performs the same function as Cydia Impactor, it is also the brand new tool that assists with the installation of the IPA files that are unsigned. The .ipa files can be installed on iOS 6 to iOS 10 device, Mac OS, Android and Windows devices. Also, the Impactor doesn’t affect the iOS version that is currently running on your device, allowing you to re-jailbreak if required.

Cydia Impactor is a redeveloped took by Jay Freeman that also helps to root the Android smartphones running on the 2.3 Android version to Android 5.0. One of the most important features of the  Impactor app is that it allows the user to exploit the Android operating system’s master key vulnerabilities. And for all the people who are still waiting to play Pokemon Go, this is the right app for Windows, Android, and even iOS users.

Features of Cydia Impactor  

The development of the app is in progress, and thus there are not perfect features, but one also cannot deny the face that Impactor is one of the GUI tools that is working correctly in mobile. So let’s have a look at some of its features:

  • Bridging connection

You can bridge a connection or disconnect and even restart the connection between your phone and computer. To utilize this feature, the device port number should be known.

  • To Root Android Devices

In just a few click the Android device that is currently running on Android 2.3 version is rooted to Android 5.0 version. As you connect your computer to the device, you just need to click on the Start button and the rooting process will start. The rooting process will be completed in a few seconds or minutes.

  • Unlock  Bootloader

With the help of Impactor, the bootloader can be locked and unlocked. The Identifier token is also received for generating the device’s unlock bootloader file.

  • Inbuilt Driver

It features an inbuilt USB driver and so you do no need to install the drivers separately and you can directly connect your computer and device. But make sure that you manually install the drivers.

  • Install Package

Lastly, with Impactor the user get to flash any mod package, update package, root package and recovery file manually into the device without using Fastboot tools.

How to Download Cydia Impactor for iOS?

Step 1: Download the iOS file though the following link.

Step 2: Open the cydiaimpactor.dmg file from the download manager.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on screen as installation begins.

Step 4: After installation locates to any iOS IPA file.

Step 5: Open it, and enjoy your installations.

How to Download Impactor for Android Devices

Step 1: From the given link download the APK file.

Step 2: Now open the Cydia Impactor.apk file from the download manager.

Step 3: for installation from unknown sources you first need to check the option- install apps from unknown sources by following the given route.

Settings> Security> App Management

Step 4: Now open the downloaded apk file and follow the instructions prompted on screen to complete the installation process.  

Step 5: That’s it!

Download Impactor for Windows/ PC

Step 1: Download the zip files for your PC from the following link,

Step 2: Now open the .exe file from the Downloads folder.

Step 3: Make sure to open the file as administrator if you are using Windows 10. But if you are a user of Windows 7 or 8 or XP then the process is just fine.

Step 4: Complete the installation wizard and enjoy.

How to Use Cydia Impactor on iPhone?

Now you have known the different ways to download  Impactor for different devices like Windows, Android, and iOS. So now let us know how to use impactor as it might be a little complicated for non-technical users.    

Step 1: Follow the above steps to download Impactor.

Cydia Impactor for iOS

Step 2: Now download the .ipa file that you want to install.  

Step 3: Open the impactor application on the computer.

Step 4: Now drop the downloaded .ipa file from the downloaded files list into the impactor Window that you have opened.

iOS IPA File

Step 5: Now connect any of your Apple devices like iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the computer and wait till the Impactor detects it.

Step 6: Click ok on the Apple Warning window that prompts up.

Apple Warning Window

Step 7: Next enter you valid Apple Id along with Password.

Apple iTunes Login

iTunes Password


Step 8: For digital signing and installation of the .ipa file will be started by the Impactor. And shortly the app will be installed if nothing goes wrong in between.

Step 9: Now before opening the app, you must follow the given route:

Settings> General> Profile ad Device Management

Iphone - Settings> General> Profile ad Device Management

Step 10: Now locate the certificate for the impactor app and click on the Trust option.

Step 11: Lastly you need to close the Settings, and now you can open the App.

Also, you need to make a note of the fact that if you do not wish to login with your real Apple Id, then you can also use a dummy Id for setup.

How to Use Impactor to Root An Android Device?

Step 1: Open Settings followed by Developers Option and then USB debugging. Tick on this option so as to enable USB debugging.

Step 2: Download and Install impactor by following the steps I gave above. Once you have completed the extraction, you will be able to see the given files.

Step 3: Open the Impactor.exe file which is present there.

Step 4: The next step is to connect your phone to your computer.

Step 5: Click on Start option to start the rooting process.

Step 6: SuperSU binary will be installed by Cydia Impactor. As this process completes, close the impactor and unplug your phone from the PC.  Step 7: Now restart your phone and open Google Play Store.

Step 8: Next search for SuperSU Application to install it.

Step 9: As soon as it is installed your phone will be rooted. You can check if your phone has been rooted properly by opening the SuperSU application that you have installed from Google Play store. If it runs without any error, then your work has been done.

Cydia Impactor a very well-known GUI tool, is now known as Cydia Eraser that you should try. We hope that everyone who was unaware to this popular jailbreak tool has got all the correct and useful information through this guide to Impactor and How to Use it. So go ahead and download and install Cydia and impactor now. Start your jailbreaking journey with new tweaks and apps because to remove it you have Impactor.   

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