How to Install Cydia Without Jailbreak

Win iPhone XS MAX></a><p>The package manager Cydia is the app which allows IOS users to install all the custom apps on their device. Mr. Jay Freeman is the developer of this app, but he is popular by name Saurik.  To install all the applications which are unavailable on App store Cydia uses APT (Advanced packing tool) repositories. In simple words, Cydia is the secondary app store which is used to install the third party apps on your device. Most of the users have doubt that is Cydia is legal or not, so yeah it is an illegal app by Apple. <span style=So, you also want this fantastic app on your IOS device but have second thoughts to perform jailbreaking on their IOS device as most of the users believed that to use this app they need to complete jailbreaking on their IOS device. Guys these are just rumors, you can use this amazing app on your device without performing the jailbreak. In this article, we will explain you methods by following which you can easily install Cydia without jailbreak on your IOS device without the jailbreak.

How to install CYDIA without Jailbreak

You can install Cydia on your IOS device without jailbreak, to install Cydia without jailbreak you can use two methods:

Method 1: Install Cydia Without Jailbreak Using Safari Browser

Step1. From home screen of your device open Safari browser.

Safari Browser

Step2. In the address bar of Safari, type this URL

Cydia for iOS Webpage

Step3.The website will open as Mobile Version.

Step4. Go to the bottom of the screen by scrolling down, at the bottom of screen tap on the UP arrow.

Cydia iOS App Download

Step5. It will show you many options; you have to tap on Add to Home screen.

Add Cydia to HomeScreen

Step6. Name the app as Cydia when it asks you to name the App, now click on Add.

Add Cydia to Homescreen

Step7. Now go back to Home Screen of your device.

Step8. Now you will see the Cydia app icon.

Cydia Installed

Congrats!!! You have successfully installed the Cydia app on your IOS device. Now you can enjoy all the amazing features of Cydia.

Method2:  Install Cydia Without Jailbreak Using Third Party App

To download the Cydia app without jailbreak you can use a third party which will help you in downloading this app.

Here we are using Flekstore app, as I found this app great, but you can use any other app of your choice in using which you are comfortable. Read the full procedure carefully before performing any changes, so that you can install the app properly on your device.

Step1. Download the Flekstore app on your device. (If you are using any other app then first download it.)

Step2. After downloading the app, install it.

Step3. Now open this app.

Step4.  The menu bar is present at the top left corner of your screen, open it.

Step5. From the Menu select TWEAKS option.

Cydia Tweaks

Step6. In the TWEAKS search for Cydia app.

Download Cydia Tweaks

Step7. To install Cydia app on your device tap on Cydia app icon.

Step8. By clicking on the app icon, you will automatically redirect to the official website of Cydia, check for the developer of the app and if you see developed by saurik, then only install the app on your device.

Install Cydia

Step9. Click on the install button, and you will be automatically sent to the installation page. Here you have to check is this version of the app is suitable for your device or not.

Installing Cydia without Jailbreak

Step10. “This profile will change the setting of your device,” a pop-up warning message like this comes up on your screen, ignore all the messages and install Cydia app on your device.

Step11. After the installation process get completed the icon of Cydia app is shown on Home Screen of your device.

Step12. Tap on the icon of the app to open it.

Step13. You will see a login page on the screen, create your account there by filling all the details you are asked for.

Now you are signed in.

You have successfully installed Cydia app on your IOS device.

I hope this article help you in installing Cydia app on your IOS device, and you are enjoying all the amazing features of this App.

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