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Win iPhone XS MAX></a><p style=Cydia was introduced to public in 2008 February by Jay Freeman who is famous by his name of ‘Saurik’. Cydia had been really helpful in providing jailbreak tweaks and apps for jailbroken devices in any version of iOS. Cydia’s care has been taken very well by ‘Saurik’ himself. As taking care of the community, it has been updated regularly.

Download Cydia Activator:

cydia activator download


If you are familiar with jailbreaking then you know the value of an activator in the process. It is not possible to live without an activator for a jailbraker. Jailbreaking has become popular in recent days as we have seen that most of the Apple users, reportedly, 70% of them have jailbreaked their device whether it is iPhone or iPad or any other Apple product. Trend is so famous that some people just wait for getting out of the showroom and they begin the process of jailbreak.

For such users, it is a very good news. You will be glad to know that your staple jailbreak tweak has now been updated to support iOS 8.3. and above. The Cydia Activator which is developed by Ryan Petrich is not only the stand alone tweak but also the backbone for many jailbreak tweaks. It is also a floodgate for the rest of the huge Cydia library. For those users who wish or want to install the jailbreak tweak i.e. Activator will be required to add the beta repo of Ryan Petrich in their list of Cydia sources. It is to be noted that currently Activator jailbreak tweak is in its version 1.9.3 beta 5.

The following is the link of the beta repo which will be needed for those who wish to use it and add it in Cydia sources:

Cydia Activator


After you have added this URL or link in your Cydia resources, then just search for Cydia Activator in the search bar and install it. After you have installed the beta version of Activator then you can use it as the standalone tweak for jailbreak or you can use it to take advantage of other jailbreak tweaks that are compatible with or rather dependent on Activator.

Before we begin with the installation process of Activator we should know something more about it. This activator has been developed by Ryan Petrich and is a very famous JailBreak tweak. With the help of this activator, you can set some custom gestures for launching pre-defined actions. For example, you can set swipe up and swipe down gestures for turning up the brightness of the display screen or turning it down with the help of this activator.  You can also set the different gestures to launch a particular app every time with that gesture. It is a very powerful jailbreak tweak and if explored properly it can do various things.

How to install the Cydia activator?

It is very easy to install the Cydia activator. The tutorial for installing it has been given below in the written instructions in simple words. Follow it, but make sure that your Cydia is updated to the latest version.

Follow these steps:

  • Step #1: From the home screen of your jailbroken device, launch the Cydia app.
  • Step #2: Then at the bottom of the app, there will be an option of ‘Changes’, tap on it. Now to the top left corner there will be a ‘Refresh’ button, click on it.
  • Step #3: After refreshing, wait for few seconds until it loads completely.
  • Step #4: Now go to Cydia and search for Activator and download it.
  • Step #5: Select install which is in the top right corner.

The package will then install. That’s it! It’s really simple to download and install the cydia activator!

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