How to Install Cydia Apps on iPhone without WiFi

Win iPhone XS MAX></a><p>Having an iphone is a blessing as you can use it whenever you want to and wherever you want to. The one thing that makes an iphone superior to its competitors is its ability to be used in all the possible occasions. For the other phone users, the issue of not having a wifi connection might lead to big trouble. Do you need wifi to use Cydia? Many people getting trouble and searching for a solution for how to install Cydia apps from computer, how to install Cydia apps on iPhone without wifi.</p>

<h2>How to Install Cydia Apps on iPhone without WiFi</h2>
<p>If you want to download an application urgently but do not have a wifi connection, it might get difficult for you to complete the process. Iphone is superior in this situation as you can download apps with the help of Cydia Apps no matter where you and no matter you have access to the internet connection or not, you can Install Cydia Apps on iPhone without WiFi. There are many ways to download Cydia online with wifi but rare ways to download and install Cydia apps on iphone without wifi.</p>
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People who are still not aware of the Cydia App, it is a source that provides you access to all the possible apps ever developed by the programmers. You can also download millions of games through your Cydia Apps that could be impossible from the apps store as you might not have permission to do so.

Having Cydia App not only removes your issue of having access to the secured apps but also lets you download and install various Cydia apps even when your phone is not connected to the Wi-Fi.

The whole process of downloading Cydia apps and installing:

To download and install Cydia apps on your iphone when you do not have access to the Wifi connection, you need to download Cyder on your phone. Having Cyder makes it easier for you to have access to an application you need to download in an instant and cannot wait for the Wifi connections’ availability.

  • However, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that Cyder only works on those phones that are jailbroken. If your iphone is not jailbroken, you might not be able to use Cyder. You need to take the risk of getting your iphone jailbreak if you are looking forward to an iphone that looks and works better than other’.
  • After you iphone is jailbroken, you just need to download the application from its online source. Once you get the online source from your PC, you just need to download it. Save the file and then unzip it. You will get the file in a zipped file, and it won’t work without it getting unzipped.
  • After unzipping it, you need to make a source of connection between your phone and the PC. Do this with the help of USB and connect the phone and PC. Now you need to open the Cyder application, and it will be seen all opened up on the desktop of your window.

The synchronization:

After the application is launched on the desktop, you need to search and find the applications that you want to have on your phone. Once you find your required application, download it and send it to your phone through the USB.

After you save the required applications, you just need to refresh the application you are using. After you get done with the download process, hit the synchronize button and you will get all the applications on your phone.

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