LinkStore iOS 8 Cydia Sources

Using an iphone is a luxury for people who have always used apple company’s products for their whole lives. However, people who have just switched from an android phone to an iphone might find it difficult to use the apple product as they might find it boring.

There are many ways through which you can convert a boring iphone to entertaining and colorful applications.

LinkStore iOS 8 Cydia Sources

However, if you cannot get used to of the iphone, you need to get the phone jailbroken as it will give you an access to a number of application and games that was not possible before.

There are like millions of applications that are not available on the app store mainly because they are not secured, and apple doesn’t give access to them. This is also because those applications might contain the virus in them and might cause harm to your phone. However, if you still want to have access to those inaccessible apps, you can install the Linkstore io8 tweak.

You will get it installed from the Cydia app that will only work if your phone is jailbroken. Breaking the jail of the phone is the only possible way to have access to all the applications apple doesn’t give you access to. With the help of the tweak, you get to download all the applications you find exciting after watching them on an android phone.

If you cannot use the Vshare or the AppCake, you can easily use the Linkstore and it will give you same features as any of the former applications would give. Using LinkStore is always a better option as it gives you the most secured IPA installer as well as provides you an opportunity to download all the applications with their cracks. With the help of LinkSttor, you get access to the applications for which you need to pay some money, and at the same time, you can get a hold of them directly from your app store. The tweak doesn’t require you to go to another store, and you get access to the applications you like from the app store itself with the crack that will help you use it.

After you get a hold of the Linkstore tweak that comes from Cydia Sources, all you need to do is to click the button located below the paid apps. You will need a jailbroken phone and if your iOS is jailbroken, only then will you be able to use the process on your phone.

After getting found by the jailbreak process, you just need to open Cydia and open the source that comes along with the application you want to use. You will see an option with the name ADD on the source; you need to click it add the repo on the phone. As the last step, you need to search Linkstore iOS 8 on your phone and download it to your device.


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